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No matter what you are facing now, a book, a pen and a teacher can change your world. All you need to do is to use the pen and the book. Write your goals, get inspired and work towards them. If you face any issue that you want to note, jot it down. If you are inspired by doing something, write it down. It could help you in future. If you have an idea and you do not want to forget it, put it into writing.

My Note Book have a section which contains tips and inspirational quotes to inspire you. It also contains blank pages for you to jot down your ideas or challenge. Remember, a book and a pen can change your world. This is a blank book for you to change your world.

| My Business Notebook

Your dreamd and your imagination are the keys to business so capture all of yours in this notebook...T.A. Richards

Don’t complain about lack of inspiration. Let My Business Notebook inspire you.

My Business Notebook contains two parts. One part contains inspiration to inspire you into action. The other part has blank pages for you to jot down important things after being inspired. It is designed to help you achieve your goals with its inspiration and tips. It is a luxury for your business.

Business Notebook
Business Notebook
happiness notebook

| My Happyness Notebook

All expierences are stories to be told and must be written.Lailah Gifty Akita

My Happiness Notebook contains two parts. One part is for tips, guidelines, and inspiration for you to effectively achieve your goals. The other parts contain blank pages for you to jot memorable events that would make you happy down. The primary purpose of the notebook is to inspire and guide you towards your happiness. Each day of your life is appreciated

happiness notebook

| My Creativity Notebook

Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it is not random.Ken Robinson

Are you a creative thinker? Do you usually forget your creative idea? Do you want to implement the idea efficiently? Then My Creativity Notebook is for you.

My Creativity Notebook is a two section-book which will serve as a motivator for you. The first part contains the best practices for you to be inspired. The other section contains blank pages for you to put down your ideas. Write your encounters, challenges among others. The tips and best practices in this book will spur you into implementing your ideas.

Creativity Notebook
Creativity Notebook
Notebook Green

| My Green Lifestyle Notebook

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.Pedro Calderon de la Barca

My Green Lifestyle Notebook will serve as a guide for you to achieve your goals. It has two sections of which the first section is filled with tips while the second section has blank pages. The first section will inspire you and even guide you into taking the right green lifestyle approaches. The second section offers you the opportunity to jot your mind down about an activity or possible green activity.

Notebook Green

| My Success Notebook

Dreams and dedications are a powerful combination. William Longgood

You will be more successful if you are dedicated to your course. Having a dream is not always enough, dedications is also necessary.

My Success Notebook will give you the chance to plan your dedication. It will inspire and push you into succeeding. If you are losing focus or not dedicated, the tips in the notebook will help you. This notebook has two sections of which one is for you to be inspired. The other section is for you to jot down what you want or a memorable event.

Success Notebook
Success Notebook

We are happy to introduce you a host of nifty features and a dapper new look created with you in mind.

“Play your game your way. Look at a defined role and strive to be the best.” – Andy John

We are not just researchers; we are your friends. We understand the essence of your goals. This is why we bring about best practices that will help you achieve your goals. We are also always there for you in your quest to being the best. Apart from our customizable products, we offer you other accessories that you may need.

Our products are not just books. They are a luxury and the best companions for you to achieve your goals.

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design all in one place

The design in 365 days is a well-structured personal development program which is divided into 365 days. The design is anchored on the best practices and inspiration for you to fulfill your goals.

Positive psychology and creativity influence each page of the Design in 365 days products. Fully customizable and easy to use. This design will help you plan your dream in cognizance with your habit and lifestyle. Re-evaluate it and implement your plans.

My notebooks by Design in 365 days

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