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The best way to do your best today is to plan your actions. Consider the challenges at hand. Scrutinise the challenges, and set a strategy and deadline to overcome them. Don’t stop there! Take a break. Monitor your actions progress with an undated monthly planner. Consider if you are still on track. Work your strategy out again. Moreover, follow it to the core unless it is not working out as expected.

For you to do this, you need My Action Book. This Action book will help you set out your strategy, monitor your progress, scrutinize your challenges and even set deadline for you. It is a luxury for you to achieve your goal with the perfect planner.

| My Business Action Book

Keeping to a deadline is the soul of business.

You are facing a business challenge, and you think the change can come without doing anything? Stop thinking that way. Stand up. Face the challenge and make the necessary change. Analyze the problem and strategize. Set a deadline and keep to it.

My Business Action Book will help you face your business challenges successfully. It has sections for strategy, challenges, deadline, and goals for you to easily monitor your progress. It is designed to make it hard for you to miss your track. In fact, the implementation of your goals is secure with the continuous use of the Action Book.

Actionbook Business
Actionbook Business
happiness actionbook

My Happyness Action Book

Only the diligent can make the required change. Stop procrastinating. Set your actions, a deadline and keep to it.

My Happiness Action Book helps you to manage your progress. It is divided into sections for the management of your success. It is a luxury for you when you take your break. It is easier to use and helps to assess your progress. With My Happiness Action Book, you cannot miss your track.

happiness actionbook

| My Creativity Action Book

Creativity knows neither boundary nor time. The creative idea could come at any time. Be always ready for it.

Are you ready to take on any creative idea? For you to be ready, you need a Creativity Action Book.

Creativity Action Book is developed to help you take the right actions towards achieving your goals. It is planned to help you overcome any challenge you may face. Guide you and provide the inspiration needed for you to brush away any obstacle successfully. With its daily challenges and objectives, you will be motivated and supported. Practically, it is designed to organize your actions and growth. Helping you take the right action as at when due.

Actionbook Creativity
Actionbook Creativity
Actionbook Green

| My Green Lifestyle Action Book

To achieve something in life, you need a strategy.

Do you want to embrace Green Lifestyle? Do you have any problem planning your action? Don’t worry too much. Let Green Lifestyle Action Book do the worry for you.

Green Lifestyle Action Book is designed to plan your action towards embracing the green lifestyle. In fact, it contains tasks and challenges to that effect in a bid to save the planet. Each day has a new practice that would effectively make you achieve your goals.

Actionbook Green

| My Success Action Book

A dream without an action is not a dream at all. You are the architect of your success. Whatever you do today shall tell tomorrow.

This is a reason why we develop my Success Action Book to plan your actions. Each step is necessary, plan it with My Success Action Book.

My Success Action Book is a book that has been designed to help you for the whole year. It is meant to guide you into implementing your actions efficiently. It will support and motivate you. It will also organize your daily business actions strategically.

Success actionbook
Success actionbook

We are happy to introduce you a host of nifty features and a dapper new look created with you in mind.

“Play your game your way. Look at a defined role and strive to be the best.” – Andy John

We are not just researchers; we are your friends. We understand the essence of your goals. This is why we bring about best practices that will help you achieve your goals. We are also always there for you in your quest to being the best. Apart from our customizable products, we offer you other accessories that you may need.

Our products are not just books. They are a luxury and the best companions for you to achieve your goals.

In addiction to the useful design, you’ll also discover these Great Features:
What make us different
Lay Flat
Acid Free Paper
Luxury Cover
High quality paper
100% recyclable
Made In Italy

The design in 365 days is a well-structured personal development program which is divided into 365 days. The design is anchored on the best practices and inspiration for you to fulfill your goals.

Positive psychology and creativity influence each page of the Design in 365 days products. Fully customizable and easy to use. This design will help you plan your dream in cognizance with your habit and lifestyle. Re-evaluate it and implement your plans.

Action books by design in 365 days

EVERY PAGE thoroughly reviewed and challenged BY EXPERTS, successful entrepreneurs & motivational speakers. Great minds built this great Notebook!

EVERY PAGE thoroughly designed by CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS, surpassing top design standards. We created the most stylish Notebook in the world. Every page crafted to visually inspire and motivate you.

EVERY PAGE certain to inspire, motivate, organize, invoke actions and simplify your business and your lifestyle.