Tips on How to Discover your Ingenuity

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Failure is a success in progress – Albert Einstein

There is this interesting story about two boys who met at a writing competition – Jack and Jude. Jack and Jude who later became best of friends won the first and the third position respectively in the writing competition. Ever since then, they became the best of friends and did a lot of things together. The only difference between them is that Jude works harder to be better since he was not as talented as Jack. On the other hand, Jack believed that no one could perform better than him.

Six years after the competition, the duo applied for a position in one of the best firms in the metropolitan. One of the requirements of the job is to provide a “remarkable” essay within 30 minutes. They were given an impromptu topic to write on within 30 minutes. Jack found it weird, but Jude saw it as an opportunity to utilize his practice. In the end, Jude was able to deliver a masterpiece, and he got the position. Unfortunately for Jack, his essay did not make it to the top ten.

Jack’s problem is that he never practiced his craft to discover his ingenuity. Hadn’t been Jack had prepared well; he could have gotten the position. Do not be a Jack; be a Jude as that is the surest way to success.

Do not Give Up

The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything – Theodore Roosevelt

Remember, failure is a success in progress. If you do not make a mistake, you cannot learn. Michael Faraday who invented electricity failed a thousand times, and he did not give up. Albert Einstein could not speak until four years old but fluently at age 9. He was rebellious and expelled from school. All these obstacles did not stop him from winning the Nobel Prize because he stood his ground.

Orpah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest women in America, was demoted by her boss because she was “too emotional” and not suitable for television work. She started her show which became one of the highest ranking shows in the American history. She is now richer than her former boss.

Successful people do not give up. They only work to overcome every obstacle they may face. They always try harder to be a better person. The fact that you fail or make a mistake means that you are on your way to being successful. Take another today towards that success yours.

Create Junks

Every finished and published masterpiece has a "first draft." The first draft may not be as exciting, engaging and entertaining as the masterpiece. You will see a lot of mistakes, grammatical blunders and incorrect spellings in this first draft. And it is the same draft that was scrutinized to become the published masterpiece you love.

The fact that you are not good today does not mean you cannot be the best tomorrow. All you need to do is to practice. Work very hard to correct any weakness you notice in you. Let being the best be your ambition. In the long run, you would be better than your contemporaries.

 Study, Observe and Mindmap

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. – Marilyn Vos Savant

To discover your creativity, you need to read, observe and mindmap. You need to study for you to gain the requisite knowledge to become successful. Observation would help you to take the right step at the right time while mind map will help you link your ideas.

In short, you need to learn how to study, observe and mindmap for you to discover your ingenuity. You can jot down whatever you study or observe in Creativity notebook and one of the mind mapping tools out there.

Be a Better Person

Finding your ingenuity is very easy. All it requires is hard work, self-discipline, study, observation, and perseverance. Do not give up in whatever you do. Always put down your ideas in a professional notebook with the mindset of strategizing your actions with professional Action book.

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