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“SEE what you think” – Lois Farfel


Have you ever thought why people fail? Have you ever thought why people are not achieving what they want at the right time? Do you know why some people worked hard but got nothing to show? Do you know why many individuals fail?

The answer to the questions lies in mind mapping. According to research, imagination is the bedrock of every successful idea. You need to imagine your thoughts and how to make them a reality. To achieve this, you need to map your thoughts.

What Is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping involves the use of diagrams, numbers, images, and words to connect different ideas. It is also a necessary tool for the development and implementation of an idea. It helps an individual put ideas down in such a way that they would understand. Read also The Answer to Your Business Growth.

For example, if you want to develop your business. You can start by writing the name of your business as the center idea. The subtopics could be the problems that noticeable in your business, the solutions to the problems and way of solving them. For mind mapping to be effective, you need to link the subtopics to the central idea and so on till you have a rough sketch of your thought. This is the best tool for every creative thinker

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The Science of Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a visual representation of how the brain works. Each time you learn a new thing, the brain creates a pathway for it. Such network is what is called the neural circuity, and that makes one stay more connected with the things that are learned. Mind mapping is, however, the visual representation of the brain process of retaining and processing thoughts. The process helps a creative thinker to remember his idea and have a quick glimpse of his plan. For you to achieve this, you need the right tools to map your thoughts.

Why Should I Mind Map?

Research has shown that writings with diagrams and graphical representations are easily understood compared to a write-up which has none. Mind Mapping involves the use of words, images, colors, and diagrams. Thus, it means that Mind Mapping would make understanding faster and easier.

Other benefits attached to mind mapping are:

-        Generation of more ideas and concept which are linked to the main thought by way of natural associations.

-        A quick overview of the idea at a glance.

-        An interesting way of mimicking the brain way of organizing thoughts to make understanding faster and easier

How to Map Your Mind

The time is ripe for you to set the ball rolling. Be more creative than before and set a goal for you to achieve. Do not give up. Think, map your thought and work towards your goal. You will be surprised how successful you would be.  The following step will help you in map your thoughts:

Step 1: Know what you want to achieve. Determine the central idea. If you are having problems with inspiration, you can meditate, exercise or go on a vacation.

Step 2: Get the right tool. D365 days team has developed a professional tool for every mind mapper to use. With the Design in 365 days creativity and business collections, an individual will easily map his/her life or business by way of pictures or other forms of graphical representation. Another thing about these tools is that it comes with tips to motivate every user. Apart from this, you can download Design in 365 days visual map for free and start mapping your dream.

Step 3: Start from the center of the tool. By starting from the center, your brain would be free to connect with other ideas and to develop new related ideas. You could use an image or picture for your center idea to buzz your brain.  

Step 4: Connect other related keywords to the main idea. You can color each keyword for easy assimilation. By doing this, you will make your creative thinking fun. Apart from this, do not write a long text, make the keyword succinct.

Don’t Wait! Map Your Thought

 You too can achieve your creative goal this year. Read more in our blog post Plan Your Goals to Achieve More Next Year!

The year is still young for you to think creatively. However, to do this, you need a mind map. You need to put your thought in a graphical and diagrammatical representation with the use of words, numbers, and pictures.

To be able to mind map efficiently, you need the Design in 365 days visual map coupled with any of our collections. One thing about this visual map is that it is free and easy to download. These products have been developed professionally to help every creative thinker and business person with the planning and implementation of their thought. The tools were also designed to help people mind map and plan how to achieve their goals successfully.

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